A Homeowner’s Guide to Metal Roofing

A quality roof is one of the most important ways to protect your Louisville home. No matter what kind of roofing style, color, or finish you want, there’s a metal roof to match.  Metal roof shingles offer an unbeatable combination of traditional style and exceptional durability. With more color and style options than ever before, they replicate the appearance of classic shingle roofing, while giving you all the strength and longevity you’d expect from metal. Metal Roofing Metal has enjoyed a recent resurgence in the housing and roofing industries. While common for commercial development, [...]

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Pros & Cons: Types of Roofing Materials Explained

So, you need a roof replacement for your Louisville home. Where do you start? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so much variety in terms of roofing materials, colors, costs, and more. Whether you’re shopping for a brand-new build or a replacement for your current roof, which material do you pick? It’s important to decide what’s best for both your home and your wallet. Any upgrades to your roof, despite type and kind, will add value to your home overall. But you don’t want to sink too much money into your roof if it’s [...]

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How To Hire A Roofing Company

There you are. You’re sitting at your kitchen table, and across from you is a roofing contractor. He’s telling you all about what he’s going to do to replace your roof, how long it will take, and of course, what it will cost. Then he asks if you have any questions. You freeze. You feel like you should ask some questions. After all, you’re spending a lot of money for a roof you’ll be happy with. You should be comfortable with your contractor’s knowledge and practices, and understand how your roof will work. Right? [...]

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