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Your roof protects everything inside your home. A problem with your roof quickly leads to a problem with your insulation, sheetrock, paint, electrical, flooring, etc. Most Louisville, KY homeowners postpone roof repairs or replacements as long as they can because of the cost and disruption involved. However, procrastinating, waiting, and ignoring small problems only create bigger problems later.

Abrams Roofing works with Louisville, KY homeowners to make sure your roof is protected through wind, rain, and hail. Whether you need a checkup, simple repair, or full replacement, we help each customer to decide what is the best choice for their home, family, and finances.

Repair vs. Replace

Most roof repairs are similar in nature (missing shingles, leaking pipe flashings, chimney flashing, ice dams), and they are due to the same types of problems (age, rain, hail, wind, ice). The national average roof repair cost is less than $1000, while a replacement can easily cost 5-10x that amount. But when is a repair a simple DIY job, and when is it time to hire a pro

Inspect the damage before deciding if you need a roof repair or replacement in Louisville, KY.

The First Step: Inspect 

A thorough inspection is always the best place to start. We recommend checking on your roof a few times a year, especially after strong storms. 

Here are some signs you need to look for when deciding if you need a roof repair or replacement in Louisville, KY.

Doing this is very simple, all you need is a pair of binoculars. Inspect your roof thoroughly looking for any of the following: 

  • Streaking stains 
  • Curled or buckled shingles 
  • Shingles with missing granules 
  • Rusted flashings 
  • Water stains
  • Moss or mold

This process can save you money on roof repairs simply by paying attention to what is going on. If you see any of these issues, call a professional and allow them to inspect the issue closer. We will complete an inspection for free and give you a clear quote on your repair options. Keeping track of your roof on a regular basis is the best way to ensure that small repairs stay small. 

Common Roofing Repairs in Louisville, KY

Some simple roof repair jobs are an easy shingle replacement or small patch job and it is completed in a day. With decades of experience in the industry, we’ve compiled our list of the most common repairs in Louisville, KY, and surrounding areas. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, give us a call for a free inspection. 

Leaks are a common sign that you may need a roof repair in Louisville, KY.

  • Leaks: If you have rain in your bedroom, you know you have a problem. Some leaks can happen during a storm while others may manifest themselves later. The trick is to fix them fast before it’s too late. Most homeowners will investigate leaks themselves and often cause more damage. As soon as you notice a leak – give us a call. 
  • Critters: When you see, hear, or smell something unusual in the rafters it can be unnerving for any homeowner. You might have birds, insects, or tiny animals getting into your rafters. This can cause quite a bit of damage and it’s best to have them taken care of immediately.
  • Ponding: Standing water is never a good thing and can cause issues very quickly. If you notice any areas of your roof that tend to pond water, you definitely want a professional inspection.
  • Trees: Overhanging tree limbs are an accident waiting to happen. This is a problem that can use the help of a contractor or an arborist. Resist the urge to bust out the chainsaw yourself until you’ve been able to talk to a professional to avoid further damage. 
  • Ventilation: Air vents in the roof are designed to let warm air leave and cool air is drawn in. If heat or moisture builds up in the attic, it can cause big issues. The first thing you’ll notice is a spike in your energy bills. Over time, this moisture can only increase your bills and damage the rafters, sheathing, and shingles. 
  • Shrinkage: If your shingles are blistering, splitting, or ridging, the material beneath them might be shrinking, causing big problemsHail damage can require an immediate roof repair in Louisville, KY. in the materials above them.
  • Bad installation: Unfortunately, this one is hard to notice until it’s too late. Before you purchase a home, have the roof inspected, and be sure the work was done by a reputable roofing contractor to ensure you have a solid installation history.
  • Poor maintenance: Simple things like incorrectly cleaning out the gutters, blindly removing tree limbs, or neglect can cause big problems when a storm hits.
  • Hail: If you’ve had a hail storm recently, it’s worth calling for an inspection. You may not see any immediate hail damage, but even small hail can cause tiny holes over time that can eventually destroy your roof. 

Can I Repair My Roof By Myself?

It is safer to hire a professional when getting a roof repair in Louisville, KY.

When was the last time you actually got on your own roof? Unless you have the necessary experience and safety equipment, simply getting to the problem can be a risky move.

Even if you are able to get on top of the roof, you may do more damage to your roof (and possibly hurt yourself) if you have a particularly steep roof, or one with concerns like a roof to wall, dead valleys, dormers, or pitch changes.

When a homeowner thinks they know how to repair the roof, but then is quickly in over their head, it almost always causes more harm than good. We often see caulking or plastic roof cement used in metal roofs and using improper materials that make small problems much worse. 

If you’re uncomfortable walking on your roof, carrying heavy items up and down a ladder, or you don’t have the right equipment, it’s probably always best to call a professional in Middletown, KY.

When It’s Time For a Full Roof Replacement

If you have significant repairs, it’s always worth it to compare the costs of a full installation rather than making costly roof repairs that will likely need to be replaced soon anyway.

There are many things to consider when deciding if a roof repair or replacement is best for your home in Louisville, KY.

Consider these factors when weighing your options for a roof repair or replacement:

  • Age: Asphalt shingles are the most common materials. They have a lifespan of 15-30 years. If it is older than 20 years, it’s probably time for a full roof replacement.
  • Leak Locations: If you have an isolated leak, a simple roof repair will get it fixed easily and quickly. If you have multiple leaks that are spread across the surface, it may be more cost-effective to replace the roof rather than continue to repair it. 
  • Future Plans: If you may sell your home in the next few years, roof issues will come up in a home inspection. Before selling, you may be required to get a roof repair or replace it all together. If you’re considering a move, call for an expert inspection first.
  • Valleys and Chimneys: When you check your roof, look carefully at the valleys and the chimneys. These are two critical junctures. If shingles in these areas are falling apart, it’s usually a sign you definitely need a complete replacement. 


Likely, yes. Removing your existing roof adds more work and time to the process, but it’s important to ensure the structural integrity of the building. Laying down new materials over an old roof can put too much weight on the roof itself. If you don’t take the time to remove the old roof, you may end up simply covering up surface issues rather than replacing them. The only exception to this may be a metal roof, which can be installed directly on top of other materials. 

In the Louisville, KY area, the best time for a roof repair or replacement is from late spring to early fall. However, we understand roofs don’t always wait for “optimum conditions” and neither do we. We are there when you need us with a large team of professionals who can work in a variety of conditions. We do our best to take full advantage of any dry periods even in the off-season.

The short answer is, it depends on your policies. Most homeowner policies will cover the roof to some extent.  Coverage often depends on the source of the repair and the extent of the damage. Some policies may cover part of the repair or replacement while others will not. We work with you to ensure you get all the insurance coverage to which you’re entitled. If you have had recent storm damage,  call your insurance company and understand your options.

Ready to Get Started?

We understand you have choices when it comes to selecting a contractor for your roof repairs, that’s why Abrams works hard to earn your trust, your loyalty, and your confidence in our workmanship and product delivery. If you’re considering a roof repair or replacement, give us a call.

Our expert staff can walk you through your options, give you honest and reliable estimates and answer all your questions so you can make the decision with confidence.

When considering a roof repair or replacement, give the experts at Abrams in Louisville, KY a call.

Why Choosing Abrams Roofing 

We Are local:  We are a local business working and living in the same Louisville, KY area communities you do. We are here for you when you need us. We don’t have a national hotline, an automated answering service, or a shady record of here-today-gone-tomorrow workers. We are a family-owned and operated company from Louisville, KY since 1959.

  • We file your insurance claim for you: We work with insurance companies to ensure that you get the coverage you are entitled to, and you have peace of mind in the quality of our services.
  • Check out our past work: We encourage you to peruse our other jobs to see the quality we offer and read our reviews and testimonials from past customers. We provide consistent and trusted examples of our work with homeowners and businesses in the Louisville, KY area.
  • Unparalleled Customer Service: Our experienced craftsmen provide professional, quality service in a timely manner for all homeowners. We take the time to answer your questions, provide a fair quote, and even have special financing options available. We work on building relationships that last a lifetime and providing products you can rely on. 
  • More than just roofs:  We provide multiple services including gutter, siding, and roof repairs so that all of the work can be performed under one insurance claim to help keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum.

We’ve Got You Covered

If you’re noticing issues with your roof, big or small, let us help. We provide free roof inspections and follow-up with honest, reliable estimates for both roof repairs and replacements. We provide expertise so you know what is critical, what can wait, and when it’s time for a full roof replacement. Our only goal is to protect your home and your family. Give us a call today and we can be on your roof tomorrow! 

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