Brand developers and marketers spend countless hours studying the effects colors have on their customers and clients.

Color has a psychological effect on us and creates an unconscious response.

The same concept applies to your home’s roof.

The colors you choose for the exterior of your home send a message.

They boost (or damage) curb appeal and create an instant judgment about your home as a whole. Your roof accounts for about 40% of your home’s visual exterior, so it’s time to think carefully about how to pick roof shingle colors.

7 Factors To Consider When Picking a Roof Shingle Color

The last thing you want is a house that looks unkempt, clumsy, or confusing.

Shingles are not a one-size-fits-all product. What looks beautiful on your neighbor’s roof may not fit your aesthetic.

Instead, your roof shingle colors should blend in seamlessly with your home’s architecture, and natural surroundings, and still fit in with your neighborhood.

Here are 7 factors to consider when picking a roof shingle color.

  • 1. Architectural Style – The style of your home plays a key role in choosing the roof shingle colors and materials. For example, wooden shingles may look awkward on modern homes, while the more classic look is best for brick or stone veneer homes.

    If you live in the Northeast where Cape Cod or Tudor-style homes are more popular, consider light and airy colors. For contemporary homes, keep a clean and crisp design with darker colors. Each architectural style lends itself to unique roof shingle colors.

  • 2. Take Note of Your Siding Color – Matching your siding, shutters, and roof shingle colors is key for a cohesive look. These three colors shouldn’t be the exact same but should complement one another.

    If you have a solid color vinyl siding, choose roof shingle colors that are varied, or blended. If you have a variant in your setting like brick or stone, you can choose a more solid roof shingle color.

  • 3. Natural Surroundings – Take cues from nature. If you live in the desert, red, or light browns are great options. If you are near the mountains, consider dark wooden tones. With the ocean in the background, lighter colors work best. You want to choose roof shingle colors that create a showstopper home without looking like it is out of place.

  • 4. Climate – Lighter roof shingle colors are great for hot climates because they reflect more UV rays and keep your home cooler in summer. Darker roofs work well in humid climates because they hide moisture stains associated with wetter weather.

  • 5. Your Neighbors – If your area has a specific style, it’s best to stick to that overall look and feel. You don’t want to be the one home with a solid black roof in a sea of grays and browns. This is especially true when homes are close together. You want to blend in and be consistent with other roof shingle colors.

  • 6. Personal Style & Desired Aesthetics – If you live in an area without neighbors nearby and outside of any HOA guidelines, you have nearly unlimited options. Use your taste and preference to express your aesthetics and personality. Consider using virtual tools to see how different roof shingle colors will look and simply choose the one that appeals to you.

  • 7. Homeowners Association Rules – Many neighborhoods are governed by a homeowner’s association with regulations for homes. Check your association bylaws regarding exterior home colors before you make any changes to your roof.

How To Match Roof Shingles to Your Home’s Basic Exterior

Your roof shingle color should blend with your home’s exterior and the surrounding environment.

Each siding color has a few shingle color combinations that work well.

Consider these complementing colors based on the main exterior of your home.

If your main exterior color is:Choose from these roof shingle colors:
RedDark Brown, Black, Gray, Green
Light GrayGray, Black, Green, Blue, White
Tan/Beige/CreamBlack, Brown, Gray, Green, Blue
BrownGray, Brown, Green, Blue
WhiteAlmost any color including Brown, Gray, Black, Green, Blue, and White
Weathered Wood or Log HousesBrown, Green, Black, Gray
BlueBrown/Tan, Light Gray (if dark blue), Dark Gray (if light blue), Black (if light blue)
GreenTan, Gray, Black
Dark GrayLight Brown, Light Gray, Tan
YellowGreen, Gray (light and dark), Black
Black/CharcoalGray, Light Gray, Red, Green

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, don’t underestimate the power of the little things.

Trim, shutters, the front door, landscaping, and any other exterior details can change the look of the roof drastically. It’s important to consider the entire look as a whole and use the details to bring everything together.

Use this tool below from Owens Corning to see what each shingle color would look like on your home!

4 Tips for Picking a Roof Color

Still not sure what to do?

No problem.

We are here to help.

These four tips from the pros will help you to narrow down your choices and pick the one that will bring out the best in your home.

  1. Don’t limit yourself to what you already have on your roof. When you have been staring at the same roof for over a decade, it can be hard to picture it as something different. Don’t assume that what you already have has to stay, consider new options that might be the next best thing.
  2. See the shingle colors on someone’s roof. You can get in your car or hop on your computer and see hundreds of homes in a matter of minutes. Look at your favorite shingle colors on different homes in different areas to see what you like best.
  3. View samples in different light conditions. Always be sure to check the shingle color in the morning, mid-day, and evening lighting. The light conditions can change the look of the home and roof. Consider landscape and nighttime lighting as well to choose a roof shingle color that looks beautiful all day long.
  4. Consider hiring a home designer. If you find yourself stuck, a home designer can help get the wheels turning in the right direction. You can get a consultation from a local professional in your area who can help produce the look you want.

FAQs on How To Pick Roof Shingle Colors

While home trends are constantly changing, there are a few hues that you can’t go wrong with.

The most popular shingle colors are:

  • dark brown hues similar to autumn colors
  • light brown hues like sand, taupe, and desert shades
  • green mossy and forest hues
  • blue hues like denim, navy, and blue-green shades
  • off-white hues mixed with stone, tan, and khakis

Each year, Owens Corning releases their Shingle Color of the Year to highlight the next popular color. Be sure to check out this year’s shingle color.

It absolutely can. Your choice of roof shingle colors can increase or lower your energy costs because the roof receives a majority of the direct sun rays. The color of shingle you have can determine how much heat gets into your home. Darker shingles absorb more heat, which makes your house hotter and requires more energy to cool the home, resulting in increased costs.

Roof shingle colors affect your energy costs.

While there is not a “best seller” in roof shingle colors, you’ll get the best resale value by what looks good in your area and fits well in the neighborhood. Typically, neutral roof shingle colors work best and keep their resale value over time.

Fifty Shades of Shingles

Roof shingle colors are often a very overlooked part of your house.

While countertops and carpet may get more attention, your roof shingles account for nearly half of your home’s exterior finishing.

You can never go wrong with the basic color choices for shingles, especially if you don’t feel confident matching a unique roof color to your siding.

If you need a little direction, consult with your roofing contractor, an interior designer, or look for examples online of what you think looks good.

Start to refine your choices and establish the colors and textures that you like to create the home of your dreams. Abrams Roofing & Sheet Metal is your one-stop shop for all your Louisville, KY roof repair, replacement, and other roofing needs

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